A downloadable game for Windows

A development company needs help to finish their game.

Power the puny game devs with the mighty power of coffee! Don’t let them run out of juice and sleep at their stations, be the reason that they will thrive!

A game developed for LudumDare 39!


  1. Use the hint button to figure out the stuff you can do.
  2. Grab a Mug in the mug dispenser.
  3. Use the Coffee/Sugar/Milk/Cream Machines to make a coffee.
  4. The artists and devs like diferent kinds of coffee use the info buttons to know their preferences.
  5. If you run out of an ingredient, you need to get more in the storage.


  • [Space / A] - ACTION BUTTON

Compatible with Xbox Controller and Keyboard.

You can also check the controlls in the main screen


  • Unity 3d
  • AssetForge

Install instructions

Unzip and Play.


CoffeeHero LD-39 16 MB
Post-Jam CoffeeHero 16 MB


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Hey there! I hope you don't mind but I did a let's play of this game with my friend Icarus. We had so much fun! Thanks for the laughs!

Thanks for playing GameFox!

We are glad you liked Coffee Hero! We will continue developing the game, soon it will have a new version with more levels and stuff.

Digital Synapsis Team

I super excited to see it! Can't wait =D